Singapore Eats: &SONS, a Venetian bacaro bar in Central Business District

There are more and more restaurant cum bar sprung up at Far East Square in Telok Ayer area. &SONS is one of the popular one. The concept behind &SONS is a funky and hip bar in the middle of dull CBD. Since it's located quite accessible from my office, I frequent this restaurant quite often with a different set of people. Here are some of its lunch-time menu:

1. Seafood Marinara Pasta

This one is not bad as it does have a chunk of seafood items like fishes, prawns and that one mussel. The portion of the pasta is quite big and thus, make this a heavy lunch dish. Great dish to fill your hungry tummy if you feel ravenous. 

Seafood Marinara Pasta at &SONS Singapore

2. Carbonara Pasta

The carbonara, on the other hand, is way too dry and too salty. I was quite surprised &SONS choose to offer dryer version of carbonara. As far as I know the locals are known for its preference to anything creamy. Too dry, too salty, definitely not my favorite in &SONS.

Carbonara Pasta &SONS Singapore

3. Grilled salmon on mash potato

I love this dish. Despite the oil-looking thingy (which I assume is the fish oil), the salmon taste great, albeit slightly overcooked. The sauce and the mash potato taste yummy too. My favorite in &SONS so far. 

Grilled salmon on mash potato at &SONS Singapore

4. Pork Schnitzel

A schnitzel is basically a flattened meat which is deep fried in flour and baked crumbs. Although it is slightly tough to cut this, the taste of the pork schnitzel is not bad at all. I would love it more if the meat is not that tough. Should they make it a chicken schnitzel instead? #justsaying

Pork Schnitzel at &SONS Singapore

5. Rigatoni Bolognaise

I've heard so much raving on this particular dish but unfortunately, it taste so so and the portion is too humongous for one lady to finish. My friends mentioned that the quality and taste of &SONS' rigatoni bolognaise have deteriorating over time. Not sure why and what cause this. =(

Rigatoni Bolognaise &SONS Singapore

The lunch menu costs from S$10.00 to S$13.90. It is recommended to come early as &SONS can get pretty crowded at peak lunch hour.

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