Singapore Travel: One Saturday afternoon at Duxton Hill, Tanjong Pagar

Duxton Hill is actually really a small hill located in Tanjong Pagar neighborhood. It is also a part of Tanjong Pagar Conservation Area. If you have houses in this area, you should rejoice because the house price nowadays in Duxton Hill is skyrocketing (compared to when you bought the house of course). And behind me lies the most expensive HDB ever in Singapore, Pinnacle. You need at least S$1,000 per month to rent a common room at Pinnacle. Crazy. 

One Saturday afternoon at Duxton Hill Tanjong Pagar Singapore

A nice wall mural sighted along the way. This kinda reminded me of the wall mural that I saw in Central Hong Kong.

Wall mural in Duxton Hill Tanjong Pagar Singapore

The wall mural continues under the sale sign. Great, the mood to admire the wall mural kinda diminished when I see the sale sign. But, people have to make a living I guess (by selling the place?). Haha.

Chinese wall mural at Duxton Hill Tanjong Pagar Singapore

A row of shophouses which are preserved in this area. Everything looks neat in Singapore. =P

A row of shophouses in Singapore

We took a rest at one of the nearby cafe along the shophouses before giving the lovely sunflower to the birthday girl. The whole area is pretty serene, I love it. =)

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