Taipei Eats: Fu Yu Wu Sanuki Udon, Zhongxiao Fuxing

It may be weird but it is actually a good idea to try out Japanese restaurants when you are travelling to Taipei. This is because: (1) the quality is there and (2) the cost is cheaper compared to the price tag in Japan for the same food. So, trying out this concept, my friend and I ventured out to Zhongxiao Fuxing area to try out Japanese Sanuki Udon. 

Taipei Eats: Fu Yu Wu Sanuki Udon, Zhongxiao Fuxing

The restaurant is called Fu Wu Yu. First glance to the menu, we knew it immediately that our food will at least look pretty, albeit the taste. For the appetiser, we chose tofu salad. Looks healthy indeed due to the lack of sauce used in the appetiser. 

Fu Yu Wu Sanuki Udon Tofu Salad Taipei

One of the unique dish that you can try at Fu Yu Wu Sanuki Udon is the Cold Tomato Udon. This may pose a problem if you don't really like the beansprout-like veggie called alfalfa though. Cause the chef put so many of them on top of the tomato udon. XD

Fu Yu Wu Sanuki Udon Cold Tomato Udon Taipei

As I don't really like cold noodle, I order the dish from the hot udon menu. Here comes my tempura udon. Whoa, looks at the quantity of bonito flakes put on my udon. I'm loving the look of it already. 

Fu Yu Wu Sanuki Udon Tempura Udon Taipei

Closer look at the udon. It taste more on the mushy side. If you like your udon more on the al-dente side, you should go for the cold udon. 

Fu Yu Wu Japanese Sanuki Udon Taipei

The full address of Fu Yu Wu Sanuki Udon:

富玉屋 讚歧烏龍麵 
No. 14, Lane 83, DaAn Rd, Sec. 1 

MRT: ZhongXiao Fuxing

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