Taiwan Food: Taiwan's 7-11 Ready to Eat Meal Box

One thing that I love about Taiwan is its 7-11 stores. Taiwan has the best 7-11 stores, even better than Japan's I must say. For instance, its variety of the ready-to-eat meal boxes is really extensive. 7-11 stores in Taiwan change the taste that they sell for ready-to-eat meal boxes at regular interval. No wonder the Taiwanese can go to 7-11 on a daily basis. 

Today, I am trying the briyani rice with mushroom sauce chicken. I assume it's briyani because it looks yellow. Hahaha. 

Taiwan Food: Taiwan's 7-11 Ready to Eat Meal Box

The product looks like this after a few seconds inside the microwave. I guess more or less it looks the same as how it looks like on the cover. Hahaha. 

Taiwan 7-11 Briyani Chicken and Mushroom Cream Meal Box

Taste-wise? Not bad at all. Price-wise? I can accept it at 65 NTD. 

A good student-meal deal. LOL.

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