A European Shopping Complex in Kaohsiung, E-da World

E-da World is the biggest complex in all Taiwan which contains leisure, holiday, health-care, education, art, culture, shopping and real-estate development. It is located right beside Quan-Yi mountain, a scenic area in Kaohsiung City. There is also a university here, I-Shou University. The whole complex are designed like a European city and that's why E-da World is also known as a European shopping complex in Kaohsiung.

A European Shopping Complex in Kaohsiung, E-da World

We totally did not feel we were in Taiwan when we entered the complex. Oh there is a ferris wheel here too. Taiwanese shopping mall often has ferris wheels at the top of the shopping mall's building. This is the 3rd shopping mall's ferris wheel which I spotted during my stay in Taiwan. The first was at Miramar Entertainment Park in Taipei while the second was at another big shopping mall in Kaohsiung, Dream Mall.

E-Da World Shopping Complex in Kaohsiung

I have been to the theme park section, E-da Theme Park before. It is a great theme park and its design is based on the ancient city of the Greek. It also has a Greek village which looks like Santorini because the houses inside the village are painted in white and blue, which is somewhat the "official" color of Santorini. 

E-da Theme Park in Kaohsiung Taiwan

We saw that there is a Go Kart ride which is available near E-da Theme Park too. But since it is located outside the theme park, you don't have to pay the entrance fee to the theme park to play go-kart. 

Go-Kart in E-da World Kaohsiung

Getting to E-da World: 

E-Da World is located in the outskirt of Kaohsiung city but E-da World has provided E-da buses from a lot of locations in Kaohsiung's city centre. We took the bus from Zuoying THSR Line (Fo Guang Shan Station). There is usually a queue for the bus so we just asked around and joined the queue. 

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