Bali Travel: Lovely Sunset at Kuta Beach

Lately, whenever I had the chance to daydream in the office, I really feel like going back to Bali. The food, the beach, the ocean, the sunset. Oh man. I still remember the day my family and I went to Kuta area. We came too early for sunset so we had a bit of wandering around Kuta area. We had the chance to visit Hard Rock Cafe too. Although we never seem to buy anything from Hard Rock since we don't really collect souvenir or t-shirt from Hard Rock.

Hard Rock Cafe at Kuta Bali Indonesia

When it's near sunset time, we joined the crowd at Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is open for public so you don't have to stay in some kind of resort to enjoy the beach area and hence, enjoy the sunset for free. 

Waiting for sunset at Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia

Bali's sunset is always amazing in my opinion. The sunset view from Kuta is no exception. 

Bali Travel: Lovely Sunset at Kuta Beach

The sun set pretty quick too so make sure you manage to take a lot of pictures before the night falls.

Sunset View from Kuta Beach Bali Indonesia

We continued our walking in Kuta area while looking for food. And looks what we found. 

Horse Carriage Art at Kuta Bali

Well, I don't think that carriage can move anywhere at all. XD

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