Beimen Crystal Church, the Crystal Church Floating on Water in Tainan

Not many people has heard about a place called Beimen before. Beimen is one of the districts located within the city of Tainan. I have never been to Tainan before because of the difficulty to commute inside the city, let alone to venture out of the city. The district is famous for its salt drying and fish farming industry but obviously this kind of industry will not attract tourists to its vicinity. With that reason, Tainan government came up with an idea to build something suitable for pre-wedding photos since pre-wedding and wedding photos businesses are booming in Taiwan. 

When the idea has materialised, there is now an open air church which is floating on water in Tainan. It is named Beimen Crystal Church. Once its photos went viral on social media, a lot of visitors started to pour in (including us, curious beings) to take picture of the new romantic attraction in the middle of nowhere. 

There is a barricade put up surrounding the Crystal Church for safety reason. The purpose is to ban the public from crossing over the fences for a close-up picture if they do not apply for a wedding. This works well for the benefit of the public too as they will be able to take a clear picture of Beimen Crystal Church without anybody photo-bombing the awesome scene. 

There were practically nothing else for us to do at the surrounding vicinity of the church. Oh well, let's just take another close up look of Beimen Crystal Church then. And for that reason alone, all pictures making up the blog post for today look more or less the same. LOL 

How to go to Beimen Crystal Church?

There is no easier way to reach Beimen Crystal Church other than take a cab or hire a driver/car. Beimen Crystal Church is located at:

No.200, Beimen
Beimen District, Tainan City 727

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