Free and easy trip to Boracay island

The free and easy trip to Boracay island was started with one simple question from our Filipino friend who we met in Taipei "hey guys, I am going to visit Boracay next month, wanna come with me?". We did not even know what and where is Boracay but once we heard Boracay is about sandy beach, blue sea and yummy seafood, we embarked into "you-only-live-once" mojo. Since Boracay is a small island in the Philippines, you need to board a propeller plane to reach the nearest biggest island to Boracay called Panay Island. And since the plane size is smaller, it tends to sway up in the air. And yes, by looking at the color of sky, you can pretty much guess how the flight was. 

Free and easy trip to Boracay island

Thankfully, we managed to reach Kalibo Airport safe and sound. To tell you the truth, Kalibo Airport was not our main destination. We were supposed to land at Caticlan, which is only 5 minutes away to the jetty (oh yes, the journey is not over yet) instead of Kalibo, which is one and a half hours drive to the jetty. O_o!

Kalibo Airport in Boracay The Philippines

We need to go to the jetty because Boracay island is actually separated from the main Panay island by a narrow strait. In order to cross the strait, we need to board boats which are operated by Caticlan jetty port. 

One and a half hours later, we finally reached Caticlan Jetty Port and Passenger Terminal. You can pick up the map of Boracay island here too. 

Caticlan Jetty Port and Passenger Terminal

A lot of tourists are queueing for the jetty tickets so we just follow the line and bought our jetty ticket to Boracay island. 

Buying jetty ticket from Caticlan Jetty port to Boracay

The boat that we were going to ride in order to reach Boracay. 

The jetty to Boracay island the Philippines

The boat is pretty small and hence, it is quite cramped inside the boat. The boat ride to Boracay is thankfully only 15 minutes. Our friend is busy checking out the map while I...busy dazing out to the sea. Hahaha. 

Inside the jetty to Boracay island

I wonder what will happen in this free and easy trip to Boracay island.

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