Green Grassland Plain at Penghu Island

Last time, we have seen the beautiful beach of Penghu Island and the awesome fireworks display at night. So the next day, we took a stroll to enjoy the green grassland plain at Penghu Island. When we first decided to go to Penghu, to be honest with you, I did not have huge expectation because it seems kinda out of the place from the main island of Taiwan. But now, I did not regret the decision because Penghu's scenery is amazing. And I did not only talk about the beach.

Green Grassland Plain at Penghu Island

From the scenery, you can feel the peaceful and quiet atmosphere in Penghu. The wind blew on the grassland while the sun set. I will not be able to experience this anywhere in Jakarta or Singapore, and now with all that haze. 

Green Grassland Plain at Penghu Island Taiwan

We continued our journey uphill to find the amazing...I don't know how to say this, naturally-made wall. The crack is made by seeping water from the rain and typhoon I think since Taiwan is frequented by typhoon regularly within a year. 

Wonderful Rocks at Penghu Island Taiwan

Finally after I don't know how many steps, we have reached the top! We can see the sea from up here. The sea is very clean and clear (sound like an advert but it's true!). When we visited the beach the day before, we could see through the navy blue and watched small fishes swimming here and there.

Top of Green Grassland Plain at Penghu Island Taiwan

One last look at the nearby Magong town before the sun has set completely. We quickly made our way down because we did not want to be stuck out here in the plains when the sun has completely disappeared. 

Sunset over Magong city at Penghu Island

Penghu Island can be reached by flight from Taipei Songshan Airport. The total flight time is 50 minutes. It is best to go to Penghu Island sometime in April when the weather is not too cold and the typhoons are nowhere in sight. 

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