Haunted place in Chiayi, Minxiong Ghost House

"And so...the adventure begins"

I have never thought that we are going to an adventure in Taiwan to a haunted house. I am not a fan of a horror stories or anything related to ghosts. But, of course, one of our daring friends must go to this particular haunted place in Chiayi, Minxiong Ghost House. He assured me (and the rest of the scaredy-cats) that Minxiong Ghost House was so popular to the extent that it has become a tourist place. Oh well, might as well fulfil his wish before he nags and nags for the rest of the trip.

Just like that, we are finally here at the scene of a haunted house in Chiayi, Minxiong Ghost House. Well, I suppose from the outside it just kinda looks like an abandoned house of some rich people.

Haunted place in Chiayi, Minxiong Ghost House

Let's find out the background story of the house. This old European style red brick house is used to known as the Liu Family Mansion. The house was built in 1929 for Liu Rongyu, a businessman with seven children. It was abandoned not long after the Japanese colonial regime. Oh great, there is a headless statue welcoming you at the entrance of the house. The house does look pretty huge though. 

Entrance to Minxiong Ghost House

The house has been abandoned for so long until it has fused together with the roots big trees. This kinda reminds me of a tree house in Anping. The ruin is actually pretty clean, there are zero traces of the former occupants inside the house. At certain section of the walls, we also could see vandalism. I thought it's a no no to do such disrespect stuff to a haunted place? 

Yep, nothing inside. Oh, are you asking why the house was abandoned in the first place? There are no concrete details of why the house was abandoned. A lot of rumours have been going on amongst the locals and in the internet world though. One of the rumours was saying that a group of Japanese soldiers were camping here for a night before they started to be confused by the ghost and ended up killing each other. Hmm, sounds like a setting for Battle Royale with a mystic influence. 

Inside Minxiong Ghost House in Chiayi Taiwan

Another rumour said that the maid of the Liu family killed herself by drowning herself into the well (don't tell me she turned into Sadako). The said well is now dry and full of rocks. And okay, I seriously don't know why there is a skull pirate there near the well. 

Well at Minxiong Ghost House in Chiayi

Even without these stories, the existence of the house itself has intrigued me. A European style house in the middle of nowhere in Taiwan? Plainly weird. Hahaha. 

Anyway, it's good to visit this place if you have spare time to kill in Chiayi because the place is kinda out of the way which means you either need to rent a scooter, bike or take a cab here. There is no detailed address for Minxion Ghost House but I am sure everyone in the nearby town know about its existence very well, including all the cab drivers. 

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