Hong Kong Travel: Disney in The Stars Fireworks, Hong Kong Disneyland

We have finally come at the last post on Hong Kong Disneyland (was it too long? Oops). If you are staying in Hong Kong Disneyland long enough, at least until 9pm, you will be able to catch the fireworks show called Disney in The Stars. 

When the clock hits 8.30pm, you can start securing your place at the main area opposite the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The castle will be lit up around that timing to prepare for the show. Disney in The Stars fireworks is basically a combination of fireworks and lights show which are accented by a medley of memorable Disney songs. This part is performed during the war song from Mulan. 

The last song is the best from all of them, which happen to be my favourite Disney song, A Whole New World. Aladdin was the first Disney movie which I watched in the cinema too. I miss those time. =)

The whole firework shows last for 12 minutes. It was worth the wait and you will really feel the happiness, no matter how old you are. 

After all, we all have inner child inside of us. 

“The most sophisticated people I know - inside they are all children. ” 

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