Hong Kong Travel: What to do while waiting for the fireworks in Hong Kong Disneyland?

Most rides at Hong Kong Disneyland close around 6 - 7pm. Hence, there will be 2 to 3 hours time of waiting before the fireworks starts at 9pm. Oh no, what are we supposed to do?

Well, thankfully, there are a lot of activities that we can do while waiting for the fireworks. For instance, let's not forget our dinner. The problem is, most restaurants will be fully packed by this timing because everyone else do the same. So, we ended up eating the street food in Disneyland version. Here is the Mickey Mouse pancake. The chocolate sauce makes it looks kinda scary to be honest. Hahaha.

Mickey Mouse Pancake Covered in Chocolate Sauce HK Disneyland

Seafood pizza on a stick. Nothing looks Disney-ish from this street food. Why can't they make Donald Duck on a stick? LOL. #justanidea

Seafood pizza on a stick Disneyland Hong Kong

After we had our meal, we walked across to the main Disney store over at the Main Street USA to browse some Disney item. This doll house is really my childhood dream. I still remember how my parent tricked me "Okay dear, we can buy you the house but you must wait another time for us to buy the dolls." In the end, I got an empty house. Oh well, I can always play with my "imaginary dolls" I guess. #thatsoundscreepyenough

Disneyland Doll House Hong Kong Disneyland

Miniature of Disney Princesses if you are a fan. I wonder if they have added Elsa and Anna to this collection too. Probably yes. 

HK Disneyland Princesses Dolls

If you are not going Disney Princess route, you probably prefer the classic characters of Disney, Mickey Mouse and friends? They have it too here. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Characters Store

If I have my own room, I will probably build my own personal Disney corner. Oh well, let's work hard to get our own house peeps. XD

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