Introducing a cultural salt village named Xincuozai in Chiayi

After a series of travelling adventure on consecutive weekends, my Taiwanese friend told me and another friend that he is going to bring us for a different kind of an adventure. He has a grand plan to expose us to the cultural side of Taiwan by introducing a cultural salt village named Xincuozai in Chiayi to these two city girls. Okay, let's see some villages, then! 

Introducing a cultural salt village named Xincuozai in Chiayi

The reason why Xincuozai is called a cultural salt village is because there is a salt field which used to be abandoned and now reopened for both business and cultural purpose located in Xincuozai area. You need to walk from the train station to the salt field for a few minutes though. There are a lot of art streets spotted on the way from Xincuozai train station to the salt field. 

Walking from Xincuozai train station to salt field in Chiayi

The Taiwanese are seriously able to turn anything into arts. The vibe that I am getting from walking around in Xincuozai is similar to those artsy vibe which I experience while walking along Pier-2 Art Centre in Kaohsiung. 

Artsy train on the way to salt field in Xincuozai

Oh my gawd, looks at those blue sky. It is so amazing I just can't put it into words. Another random art pieces are spotted under the blue sky. Cranes and a few colorful boxes with the Chinese characters of Zhounan Salt Field, which is our destination for the day in Xincuozai. Great, we are going to the right direction after all. 

Road sign to Zhounan Salt Field in Xincuozai District in Chiayi

Few steps down the road, we spotted an elaborated windmill. Whoever makes this must have a high moment of artsy inspiration. 

An artful windmill in Xincuozai Chiayi

When we passed by the small harbor, we knew that we have come near to the salt fields. A pretty looking serene afternoon over at Xincuozai here. I started to sound like a weather news-caster. But the weather was really good that day. Let's explore the salt field in the next post! ^^

A fishing dock in Xincuozai Chiayi Taiwan

"Birds eye view, awake the starts cause they are all around you. 
Wide eyes will always brighten the blue."

- To The Sky by Owl City

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