Island Hopping Experience in Boracay Islands

My island hopping experience in Boracay islands has been unforgettable. This is basically a must-do whenever you are visiting Boracay. We arranged for an island hopping tour via our hotel, Sur Beach Resort Boracay. Most island hopping tours in Boracay include Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove, and Puka Shell Beach in their itinerary. The price depends on the number of persons and the size of the boat. The island hopping tour usually lasts for at least three hours. offers a 4 hours private island hopping for a minimum 3 persons. Total cost per person is 2,000 PHP (equivalent to approx. USD 43).

Island Hopping Experience in Boracay Islands

The beaches in Boracay islands are very clean and white. You can literally spend a whole day just sitting on the beach and gazing to the ocean. 

White sands beach in Boracay the Philippines

Our local tour guide told us to walk around the beach to see the other side of the island. He said you can see how clear the water is without the need to plunge into the ocean. 

Walking around the beach in Boracay island

The local tour guide was not joking. When we reached the other part of the island, we can see the sands and rocks below the sea water. 

Island Hopping Tour in Boracay Island

We came closer to the beach to take closer picture of the clear seawater. You can do a top-up to borrow snorkelling equipments and ask the guide to bring you to best snorkelling spots around Boracay islands. 

Clear Boracay seawater the Philippines

This island is actually too little to be inhabited by humans. I suppose that's why it is easier to preserve the beauty of the nature here. Unfortunately, we are the main cause of nature's destruction most of the times. =(

Island Hopping in Boracay the Philippines

When you are visiting Crocodile island, do watch out for the "floating market". Entrepreneurial locals will approach your boat and offer you to buy coconut or ice cream. Both are nice to enjoy under the hot sun. Nom!

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