Kaohsiung's Love River on a Summer Day

Kaohsiung's Love River is a popular spot in the city of Kaohsiung. The river runs from the South of the city up to the North. I could not believe that the news mentioned that at one time the river was super polluted. However, the Kaohsiung government invested a lot of money and time to clean it up. Now the Love River has become a charm of the city of Kaohsiung. 

Kaohsiung's Love River on a Summer Day

It has also become a popular spot for the Taiwanese and tourists alike to have a picnic or simply, take a stroll along the river side. 

Picnic on Kaohsiung's Love River Taiwan

We visited Kaohsiung last summer because we totally did not know where else to go and we thought it would be nice to include Kaohsiung in our itinerary. Our decision was paid off by a nice day under the blue sky. Even the dragon statue looks damn happy under the nice summer weather. 

Dragon Statue at Love River in Kaohsiung on summer

There are a lot of attractions located at the river bank of Love River. From cafes to restaurants to art performances to art installations, you name it. There are also boat tours along the river which operate  day and night. The boat tours are popular activity for tourists. I did not know that the boats are solar powered until I saw the boats have panels laid out on its roof top. The Taiwanese are really good at maintaining the environment. 

If you visit the Love River in the summer (like what we did), you will be able to watch the annual cultural event, the Dragon Boat race. The race is an international sports event, with teams from around the world coming to Taiwan for the race every year. 

Dragon Boat race in Kaohsiung's Love River Taiwan

It takes a lot of hard work to be able to participate in the dragon boat race. In fact, my language school also has a dragon boat team whereby the members must wake up very early every day to attend the training which starts at 6AM. Well, please count me out. XD

Dragon Boat Festival in Kaohsiung

How to go to Kaohsiung's Love River by Metro:

1. Take the Orange Line and get off at Yanchengpu (R02)
2. Go to the exit of Wufu Road and walk east up Wufu Road toward the Love River
3. The walk will take around 10 minutes

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