Lake Cruising on beautiful Sun Moon Lake, Nantou

Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful lake surrounded by a rim of mountains. It is located in Nantou area of Taiwan. This was not my first visit to Sun Moon Lake but I am never getting bored of it. If you are a fan of hiking, the area surrounding the lake has many trails for hiking. If hiking is not for you, the activity which I'm doing today may be more suitable for you. Today, we are lake cruising on beautiful Sun Moon Lake in Nantou. Sounds good, eh?

Cruise on beautiful Sun Moon Lake, Nantou

Lake cruising tour is the best way to understand the history behind Sun Moon Lake while being able to enjoy the good view of the lake. The boats will take either the forward or reverse routes and moor at the three piers located at Shuishe, Ita Thao and Syuanguang Piers. Our bus stops at Shuishe so we bought our ticket and took the boat from Shuishe pier.

Shuishe Pier at Sun Moon Lake Nantou Taiwan

There is another boat ticket booth available at Ita Thao pier, if you happen to be there. The fare for the lake cruise tour is NTD100 per stage and NTD300 for the entire lake. There are a number of boat operators in Sun Moon Lake, each of them may provide different promotional offers, if any. You need to check the lake cruise timing before buying your ticket. You can check it here

Lake Cruise Boat Piers in Sun Moon Lake

In the middle of the lake, there is tiny island called Lalu Island. This island is the holy ground for the Thao tribe, one of the ancient Taiwanese tribes. The island was actually renamed Kuang Hua by Chiang Kai Shek when he moved his government to Taiwan. In 1978, the local government built a pavilion where annual weddings took place. However, in 1999, the 921 earthquake destroyed the pavilion and sunk most of the island. Afterward, the island was renamed as Lalu Island again.

Lalu Island in Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

Since there is no way to rebuild the pavilion on the now-tiny Lalu Island, the government built the pavilion on the surrounding area of Sun Moon Lake. Weddings and banquet are still held at these pavilions. 

Wedding pavilion at Sun Moon Lake Taiwan

How to go to Sun Moon Lake?

1. From Taichung HSR Station

There are buses going direct to Sun Moon Lake. In the HSR Station, you can go to the ticketing counter for buses which if I'm not wrong, is located at the basement level of the HSR station. We bought a combined ticket for both Formosal Aboriginal Cultural Village and Sun Moon Lake because it ended up cheaper that way. The bus ride to Sun Moon Lake will take approximately one hour plus. 

2. From Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village

If you visited the nearby Formosa Aboriginal Cultural Village, you can ride the cable car to reach Sun Moon Lake. For details, you can read my post here

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