Last Day in Boracay, Eating Blue Marlin Steak

"Things end but memories last forever"

Time really moves quickly when you are having a great fun holiday. The next day we woke up, it was already the last day of our holiday. It seems that the sky was feeling gloomy too because it was a totally cloudy day. We feel you, sky! There were not many people on the beach that day too. I suppose a lot of water activities are postponed because the weather was not good that day. 

Cloudy sky at Boracay Island the Philippines

We decided to have a good meal to celebrate the end of our holiday in Boracay. So in our last day in Boracay, we were eating the blue marlin steak. Oh boy, look at the size of that fish steak. It makes me curious enough to google what kind of fish is a blue marlin. Turns out the fish is really huge. No wonder a slab of blue marlin steak is as big as this plate. Well, we are not complaining, of course. Yum! 

Last Day in Boracay, Eating Blue Marlin Steak

We also tried the popular Filipino dessert called "halo-halo". The meaning of "halo-halo" is mixed together. The dessert is basically a mixture various ingredients like sweet beans, jelly, fruits, nata de coco and shaved ice. Evaporated milk and syrup will be added on top of all the ingredients. This kinda reminds me of Indonesian dessert called "Es Campur". The dessert is obviously super sweet. So it is recommended to share "halo-halo" with your friends. Best friends share the calories. Hehehe.

Halo Halo Popular Filipino Dessert

We took one last walk around the beach near our hotel, Sur Beach Resort Boracay, before we checked out from the resort. Even though there is no clear blue sky, thankfully, it was not raining. 

Beach area near Sur Beach Resort Boracay the Philippines

One last shot of the beautiful white sandy beach of Boracay island. 

White sandy beach of Boracay island the Philippines

"How lucky I am, having something that makes saying goodbye so hard."
- Winnie the Pooh

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