Lunch on the seashore of Boracay island

If you ask what is the first thing that we should do after we are done with check in and everything, of course, it is to enjoy the beauty of the beach and the goodness of local delicacies. Yup, it is to have lunch on the seashore of Boracay island. Good thing is that our hotel for the free and easy trip to Boracay, Sur Beach Resort Boracay offers good seafood lunch on the beach. We made our order of the food to the hotel restaurant and then made our way to the beach to find a place to relax while waiting for our food to be delivered. 

Lunch on the seashore of Boracay island

Someone made a pretty good arts on the sands and the word "Boracay" is written on it. Wonder how the person managed to do that, does he or she have some kind of a template? #iamlousyatart

Boracay seashore in the Philippines

After a good 15 - 30 minutes of waiting, our food finally arrived. A big size of fried calamari for our appetiser. Nothing can go wrong with an order of fried calamari. 

Sur Beach Resort Boracay Fried Calamari

Other than seafood, you can also find the famous Filipino food, roasted suckling pig. It is referred to as "Lechon". Just like its Chinese counterparts, Lechon is served with rice and sauce. The sauce taste more on the sweeter side but I like my roasted suckling pig. The portion given was pretty big. 

Lechon Suckling Roasted Pig of Boracay Island

After we had our meal, we just enjoyed our leisure walk on the beach. We walked pretty slow mostly because we were full and we wanted to enjoy the pretty scenery too. There were not many other tourists frolicking on the beach that time. Probably because it was hot. 

My friend managed to take this cool shot near the sunset time. Nice blue fisherman boat with the Boracay water as its background. 

"The sea, once it casts its spell holds one in its net of wonder forever." 
- Jacques Cousteau

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