Revisited Texas Roadhouse at the Breeze, Taipei Main Station

Other than the popular K Underground Mall, Taipei Main Station has a lot of other shopping centres in the vicinity. Located on the second floor above the ticket purchase area at Taipei Main Station, the Breeze has a lot of cafes, restaurants and stalls serving international food from Shanghai, Japan, local Taiwan to Western food. 

the Breeze, Taipei Main Station

Did I tell you that my friend is a Western food junkie? With that being said, he dragged me again to his popular Western food chain in Taipei, Texas Roadhouse. Texas Roadhouse is quite popular amongst the Taiwanese as well. The restaurant is always crowded. 

Let's not forget the steak sauce when you are eating steak. Hmm, I wonder if this is homemade sauce or imported straight from the US. We can't see the importer label so we guess this is made by Texas Roadhouse itself. 

Texas Roadhouse Steak Sauce Taiwan

This time around, I tried the Steak Kabob. The dish is basically marinated steak served with onion, mushroom, tomato, red pepper and green pepper. The steak kabob (and all those veggies) are served on a bed of seasoned rice with a choice of one side. I chose a bowl of garden veggie as the side dish. 

Steak Kabob at Texas Roadhouse at the Breeze Taipei

With a very full stomach, now it is my turn to drag my friend to accompany me walking around in Taipei Main Station. With that kind of meal, we really need some kind of exercise even though it is in the form of a simple walk. I spot a very cute LINE installation for Brown and Cony. Oh wait, there's Sally too (i.e. the yellow duck), which is my favourite character from LINE. ^^

LINE Brown at Taipei Main Station Taiwan

I was not originally a LINE user. I used to use Whatsapp for my chat last time. But since I came to Taipei, nearly everyone encouraged me to install LINE and since then on, I am hooked to LINE because of well, its cute stickers. #weaktocutestuff

LINE Cony at Taipei Main Station Taiwan

Taipei Main Station is really a good place to spend your time especially when you really have nothing else to do. A lot of interesting random stuffs often pop up in this bustling station, which I guess most of the time, makes me open my wallet. Oops! 

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