Smokey's Joe Rib House and Pub in Kaohsiung

Smokey Joe's Rib House and Pub is a well known Western joint in Kaohsiung and its vicinity. The restaurant also serves as a pub. At every dining time, Smokey's Joe Rib House and Pub is filled to the max. There must be a reason behind this popularity. Let's find out more, shall we?

Smokey's Joe Rib House and Pub in Kaohsiung

When you walk into Smokey's Joe Rib House and Pub, you will feel that you are no longer in Taiwan anymore. The whole place looks like a typical diner in America where rock and roll music is blasting from the speaker, a lot of typical American rocker posters hanged on the wall and a bar area. Thankfully, there is a separate smoking area for those diners who'd like to smoke. 

Let's start with a starter and...a jug of strawberry frozen margarita yeehaa! The food served at Smokey's Joe is actually pretty much international. They have Mexican, Italian, the usual Western and even Chinese food at some branches. We had some hash browns to start our yummy dinner. I really love the frozen margarita although as far as I know, a lot of people do like drinking margarita. 

Starter and frozen margarita at Smokey's Joe Kaohsiung

When all our dishes have arrived, it is started to look like a Mexican party. Nachos are a must for a Mexican party. But wait, this is not over yet...

Nachos Party at Smokey's Joe Rib House and Pub Kaohsiung

We still have a big size of pulled pork burger and a little bit of greens at the side with salsa and a few bits of olives. We are officially having a "balanced" diet in a twisted way. Since the portion of the food is pretty big, it is recommended to share among a group of people. By the way, I don't know why but it seems that the greens are actually only one kind, lettuce? Hahaha.

Pulled pork burger and salad at Smokey's Joe Rib House and Pub

Where is Smokey's Joe Rib House and Pub located?

No. 318, Zihyou 2nd Rd., Zuoying District, Kaohsiung.

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