Sunset watching spot in Boracay

If you are wondering whether there are anything to buy in Boracay island, well, apparently there are! We were walking around the beach to wait for the beautiful sunset and we found a lot of random stuff here at Boracay beach. For a start, there is a juice bar, which my friend referred to as "the only place to get your source of vitamin C here". It seems that we have to do more wandering around Boracay beach to find out what they have other than the juice bar. 

Further down from Sur Beach Resort Boracay's hotel, we found a row of shops selling all kind of goods from swimwear, local Boracay souvenirs, ice cream, beach clothes, sunglasses to a mini mart which sells basic daily necessities. 

Wandering around Boracay beach

The mini market sells a lot of stuff from ready-to-eat food to sauces and condiments. We were quite surprised to see Indonesian black sauce in Boracay. This sauce is perfect to be used when you are eating grilled seafood. Especially when combined with chilli.

Mini mart in Boracay

With our snacks safe in tow, we walked back to our hotel. The weather was kinda gloomy that day but thankfully it did not rain. There is a praying altar for the Mother Mary set on a natural rock on a beach. It is no wonder as the majority of the citizen in the Philippines are Catholics. 

Mother Mary Praying Altar in Boracay Beach The Philippines

When you are visiting a beach, you must not miss the sunset. Sunset is a special time from almost anywhere on the island, especially on any of the beaches. The navy sky with orange hues combined with the dark reflection of the sailboats. The scenery taken from the beach of Sur Beach Resort Hotel in Boracay is priceless. If you are thinking of going to sunset watching spot in Boracay, you can consider the beach area around Sur Beach Resort Hotel

sunset watching spot in Boracay

After the sun set, we decided to look for a place to have dinner. Couldn't believe our eyes when we saw that there is a siomai (re: Indonesian fish dumpling) stall here.  We were not sure if they are the same as those sold in Indonesia though. 

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