Taiwan Travel: Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park, Yilan

The town of Jiaoxi in Yilan county is known for its hot springs. Yilan government and local businesses have been making a lot of effort to turn Jiaoxi into a clean and modern hot spring resort. In my previous post, we have actually entered Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park area but we chose to eat meatball noodle soup first before soaking in the public bath. Tummy always comes first it seems. XD

Now that we are full, we are ready to explore more. Once you entered Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park, you will see an extensive foot bath area. A lot of families and couples are enjoying the foot bath area. The use of foot bath area is free of charge.

Foot bath area at Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park in Yilan

After a few steps further inside, you will arrive at the full body hot springs area called The Forest Baths. The hot springs are open 24 hours a day, so if you are staying in Jiaoxi area you can just come here to have a bath whenever you like. The tickets for the full body bath (NTD 150 for adults) can be purchased from the reception desk. Bath towels will be provided. The bathing areas are divided into two themed sections and each section's designation for male or female use changes daily. I suppose one visit is not enough to try out all themed bath section in Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park.

Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park in Yilan for women use

Heard that the quality of hot springs inside is comparable to Japan's top hot spring resorts. I've never been to Japan hot spring resorts before so I don't really know but the hot springs are really comfortable to soak into. The thing is, you can't afford to be shy when you are bathing in hot springs in Taiwan. The Taiwanese practices the "bare-it-all" approach even when they bath in the public hot springs. 

Taiwanese Hot Springs in Jiaoxi Yilan

After a nice bath, you can take a shower and wash your hair because there is a room equipped with mirrors and hair dryer for you to blow your hair and do some touch up to continue on your journey after bathing.

Dressing Room in Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park Yilan

Even a poodle loves it here. Woof!

Complete details of the hot spring:

Name: Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park, or Wenquan Gongyuan (礁溪溫泉公園)
Address: No. 16, Gōngyuán Rd, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 262 (宜蘭縣262礁溪鄉公園路16號)
Phone Number: (03) 9872403

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