Taiwan Travel: Wufengchi Waterfall Revisited in Jiaoxi, Yilan

If you are bored of visiting the same big cities in Taiwan like Taipei, Taichung or Kaohsiung, you may want to consider visiting Yilan. This is actually our second visit to Yilan because whenever we don't know where to go apart from those three big cities, we ended up visiting Yilan. This time, we are going to Jiaoxi to see Wufengchi Waterfall. 

Jiaoxi in Yilan Taiwan

There is a hiking path leading to the waterfall. Do not worry if you are not one of the active bunch in everyday's life. The trail to the waterfall is not difficult and you can reach the waterfall within 45 minutes to one hour if you are a slow walker (like me!). 

Direction to Wufengchi Waterfall in Jiaoxi Yilan

There are three stages of the waterfall but we only visited two stages due to time limit. The first one is pretty serene and beautiful to admire. 

Taiwan Travel: Wufengchi Waterfall Revisited in Jiaoxi, Yilan

We continued our walk to check out the bigger waterfall. 

Trail path of waterfall in Yilan

The second waterfall is way bigger than the first. 

Taiwan Waterfall in Yilan

In summer days, waterfall in Taiwan can be quite puny but since we came in autumn, the waterfall looks beautiful.  

Wufengchi Second Stage Waterfall in Yilan Taiwan

Don't you find the sound of waterfall kinda calming? 

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