Take a stroll in Magong city

Since today is our last day in Penghu, our itinerary for the day is to take a stroll in Magong city. Magong city is located on the main island and it is also the primary urban area in Penghu Island. The city also has nice proximity to the water, which can be seen from where we took picture of the symbol of the city that morning.

Magong City has a lot of hotels, a few cafes, old temples, and what we are looking forward to the most, awesome seafood. While we were food hunting, we saw that most houses in Magong city have holes on its walls. Turns out we were walking the old city area of Magong, where the city decided to just leave the area as it is to preserve the old houses for cultural purpose. 

Take a stroll in Magong city

Oh hello there, Mr Grilled Squid. Do you see the size of the squid? They are huge! Penghu has a lot of seafood restaurants serving the local delicacies from its water. Wild lobsters and wild giant prawns are just some of the sea creatures which can be found in Penghu's waters. The seafood industry in Penghu has been thriving for a number of years. Even historically, back in the 1500s, the Portuguese were so impressed of Penghu's fishing industry, they decided to name the islands the Pescadores, which means the "Islands of the Fishermen".

Grilled squid in Penghu Taiwan

We could not wait to try more Penghu's seafood so we quickly made our way to the restaurant area in Magong city. We did not do any research beforehand so we just tried whichever restaurant that we felt like trying. 

Seafood restaurants in Penghu

We tried the famous local delicacies called lobster pancake, which is small triangle flatbread filled with tasty lobster meat and tomato. In addition, we also ordered more squid. We did have more food but I forgot to take picture because we were too hungry by the time the food arrived. Hunger got the best of us. Hahaha.

Local seafood delicacies of Penghu Taiwan

Do take your time to savor the local seafood delicacies of Penghu. They are so good even the famous hotel in Taipei, W Taipei, has a special occasion to showcase the special seafood dishes featuring wild lobsters which are delivered all the way from Penghu Island. 

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