The Random Entertainment at Minxiong Ghost House, Chiayi

If you think the Minxiong Ghost House is scary, you may want to rethink again. A scary ghost house should not have so many entertainments right? Turns out that is not how the modern society think. A scary ghost house lured tourists (and curious locals alike) and those, make it a good business for any form of entertainments. For instance, just a few metres from the headless statue, a street music performer is playing his uniquely looking instrument. Well, he does play an eerie music but still, it's an entertainment. Albeit, a random one. Hahaha. 

If that does not impress you, a few steps further you will find a haunted cafe. Don't ask me why. This is definitely not an abandoned cafe from the Japanese colonial regime. You don't have to worry about the looks of the cafe. In fact, it looks pretty nice and lovely for a haunted cafe. 

Haunted cafe at Minxiong Ghost House in Chiayi Taiwan

The entrance of the haunted cafe is filled with decoration. Hmm, the black creature with eyes is kinda cute somehow. And yet, weird. Very weird. The cafe has al fresco seatings too if you would like to have your meal outside. The view to enjoy? Of course, it's the Minxiong Ghost House. 

The wall of the cafe is filled with ghosts. This will be kinda scary at night. Imagine them coming alive? The wall reminds me of horror Japanese anime, I don't even know why I'm watching them. 

Haunted cafe in Chiayi Taiwan

Welcome to the haunted cafe. Oh okay, I spotted the waiter. He's real human being and does not seem to be transparent or anything. That's a good start. There's nothing weird or ghostly about my coffee either so yeah, I'm pretty happy. =)

Have you ever been to other haunted places in Taiwan? How scary is your experience? Does the place come with a haunted cafe too? =P

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