The Salt Mountain at Budai Salt Fields

Located at the same area of Zhounan Salt Fields, there is another area of salt field which are referred to as The Salt Mountain. It is called Budai Salt Fields. The amount of salts harvested from Budai Salt Fields is humongous. 

Budai Salt Fields in Chiayi Taiwan

It's humongous enough to be called The Salt Mountain I suppose. It feels like we are at some kind of snowy mountain too. Super white and bright. Consuming this amount of salt will guarantee a trip to the hospital. Not advisable, ok! Hehe.

The Salt Mountain at Budai Salt Fields

Have you ever wondered how the salts were harvested? The seawater is fed into large ponds which we saw earlier over at Zhuonan Salt Fields and the water is drawn out through natural evaporation techniques. Technically speaking, once the water has evaporated, the natural salts remain. Let me make a snow oh I mean, salt ball. It does feel kinda weird to touch the salt as if it is snow. Hahaha. 

The ball of salt at Budai Salt Fields in Chiayi Taiwan

Just like snow, when you step on the salts, they will become dirty too. 

Dirty salts in Budai Salt Fields in Chiayi Taiwan

The Budai Salt Fields are located across the coastal townships of Dongshi, Budai and Yizhu in Chiayi. Since the salt fields are no longer in use, the Salt Mountain is kinda left behind there as a memorial of Taiwan's once-thriving salt-making industry. The news is not new since Taiwan has been adopting a lot of privatisation and mechanical techniques for its domestic production of salts. 

How to go to Budai Salt Fields: 

Take the Chiayi bus service from Chiayi Train Station and alight at Xinli Station. Alternatively, you can take Xinyin coach from Xinyin to Budai. 

If you are confused, you can just take taxi from Chiayi Train Station to Budai. If the cab driver nice enough, he will wait for you since there are not much things to do here but make sure to give him extra tips.

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