The World's Highest Jewellery Arts Boutique, Treasure Sky

At the 88th floor of Taipei 101, on the way to the elevator, you will find an art boutique called the "Treasure Sky". Make sure you have visited the other section of Taipei 101 before you go to the art boutique. This is because the art boutique is located near the queue line for the elevator to go back down to the shopping area. Just before the gallery, there is also a mailbox on the 89th floor. You can send a postcard through Taipei 101's mailbox as a souvenir.

The Taiwanese are very proud of its natural red corals. As the corals has a natural coloration and glossiness, its coral skeletons have been harvested since the old Egyptian age for decorative use. There is a gemstone coral source map of Taiwan which shows you where these precious red corals can be found in the water surrounding Taiwan.

gemstone coral source map of Taiwan Taipei 101

In the world's highest jewellery arts boutique, the Treasure Sky, you can see a lot of coral sea carvings on display. I always wonder how they can put such a detailed carvings on coral sea. Doing it on a wood alone has been quite difficult, let alone a precious coral stone.  

The World's Highest Jewellery Arts Boutique, Treasure Sky

This is one example of the precious coral skeleton which I mentioned above. Very pretty. 

Red coral skeleton displayed at Treasure Sky at Taipei 101

Other than jewellery, the coral can be made into all kind of statues and figures. There is a structure of pagoda made from red coral. I am very impressed.

Red Coral Pagoda at Treasure Sky at Taipei 101

Cute display of pandas are also available here. I don't think this is made of red coral unless they paint it into black and white. XD

Pandas art display at Treasure Sky at Taipei 101

How to go to Taipei 101:

- MRT -
MRT Red Line (Xin-Yi Line) TAIPEI 101 Station, Exit No.4
Near The MRT Blue Line(Nangang Line) take about 10 minutes walk
- BUS -
Buses to Taipei 101 can be boarded at Taipei City Hall, the World Trade Center station, Xin-Yi Administrative Center, and the Grand Hyatt Taipei

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