Totoro Fest at Donguri Republic, Taipei City Hall

"Everyone, try laughing. Then whatever scares you will go away."

It is not everyday that you will be welcomed by Totoro when you coming into a store. But that's exactly what you are going to see when you enter Donguri Republic store in ATT4, Taipei. As mentioned in the previous post, Donguri Republic is a concept store for Studio Ghibli's related merchandises and products.

Totoro Fest at Donguri Republic, Taipei City Hall

My Neighbor Totoro is one of the famous creation by Hayao Miyazaki. And its popularity in Japan has spread to the rest of the world, including Taiwan. The number of Totoro plush toys that we spotted in Donguri Republic Taipei is a lot! They are basically everywhere. There's one inside the tree hole. 

Totoro in a tree hole at Donguri Republic

The big totoro is accompanied by the smaller version of totoros. The medium blue totoro is Chuu Totoro while the small white totoro is Chibi Totoro. Aww, I am having a total cuteness overload here at Donguri Republic.

Chuu Totoro and Chibi Totoro at Donguri Republic in Taipei

The three Totoro(s) are having a great time together. At this point I feel like kidnapping them all seriously. Oops, okay let's not turn into a criminal here. What I mean is, buying them all. LOL. 

The Three Totoros at Donguri Republic in Taipei

Even though Totoro looks cute while sleeping, he's actually snoring very loudly!!! It may not be a good idea to sleep with Totoro. You may end up awake the whole night. The smaller toy of sleeping Totoro (Inemuri Totoro) is very famous although personally, I find the awake version somewhat cuter. Sorry, Totoro, you don't really have a cute sleeping habit! LOL.

A Sleeping Totoro in Donguri Republic in Taipei

If you prefer other works of Hayao Miyazaki, do not worry. Donguri Republic also has merchandises from the other stories too like Spirited Away and Kiki's Delivery Service. Be prepared to incur damage to your wallet thanks to all these cute characters. 

Donguri Republic is located at level B1 of ATT4 at Taipei City Hall area. 

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