What to do in E-da World Shopping Mall, Kaohsiung?

Sometimes, I do wonder if people really enjoy a very big shopping mall. It kinda makes me thinking what can I do inside the mall. E-da World Shopping Mall is like, the biggest mall ever in Taiwan. Since I already had some fun in E-da's Aegean Greek styled theme park, now it is time to explore the shopping mall side of E-da World. Let's see what to do in E-da World shopping mall...hmm..

Oh for a start, if you love to ice-skate, there is a very big ice-skating rink at the ground floor of E-da World Shopping Mall. I am not a big fan of ice-skating even though I learned how to ice-skate in one of the shopping centre's ice-skating centre in Jakarta. 

If you don't like skating, no worry, the E-da Shopping Mall has over 8 stories of stores. Yes, you are reading it correctly. Eight freaking stories. If you are a shopaholic, you can literally spend hours here. Most of the stores are branded though so the price of the goods sold here will be at the higher note. The shopping mall is also designed in Greek style. There is statue of Greek gods and goddesses with fountains scattered inside the mall. 

E-da World Shopping Mall Decoration

Oh wow, I never thought there is a Yankee Candle store here. So far, Taiwanese people that I know of, none of them burn aromatherapy candles. They all said it is a fire hazard since their bedroom is not even that big. And a lot of books and papers are scattered all around their bedroom. Well, it's no surprise because most of my Taiwanese friends are students. 

But that fact alone did not stop me from checking out what kind of candles that Yankee Candle sells. It does have some interesting candle smell (or flavor?). Beer and bacon smell? My goodness, my room is gonna smell like a pub if I light up these two candles. XD

Yankee Candles Bacon and Beer candles

Passing by a Coach store along the way, the queue is crazy. Never know that the Taiwanese loves Coach. On second thought, most of them are probably tourists since E-da World is a popular tourist spot, together with Dream Mall

Coach outlet store in E-da World Kaohsiung Taiwan

After walking around for a few good hours, we were starting to get starving. Since a lot of restaurants are fully crowded at the dining hours, we just went to a random hotpot restaurant and oh boy, look at those beef slices. I'm loving this hotpot restaurant. Haizz, too bad none of us is taking picture of the restaurant's name because we were too hungry. U_U. 

Beef Hotpot in E-da World Shopping Mall Kaohsiung

E-da World Shopping Mall generally provides attractions and entertainment for all ages. However, the theme park rides I think are quite so so for adults. Shopping-wise, even though they call E-da Shopping Mall as an outlet mall, I do find the price of the goods sold here is quite expensive. I don't think I will go back here for shopping. 

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