Where to Stay in Xitou Nature Recreation Area, Nantou

If you think you will not be able to stay the night surrounded by nature in Taiwan, you will be surprised. You can actually experience this in Xitou Nature Recreation Area in Nantou. We stayed in a local wooden hut inside the recreation area. The hut looks quite decent from outside. 

Where to Stay in Xitou Nature Recreation Area, Nantou

I like it when my accommodation has wooden floor. Hahaha. It feels less colder on a cold day compared to normal floor. Okay, the room is pretty big and is definitely enough to fit 4 people (or 5 if the 5th person is willing to sleep on the couch).  

Minsu in Xitou Recreation Park Nantou

After we are done putting down our luggages and all other random things that we bought somewhere else along our journey in Taiwan, we are ready to explore the surrounding nature. Having staying in a big city for years, it's kinda refreshing to experience the nature once in a while. Especially, when the nature is very beautiful. 

Flowers in Xitou Nature Recreation Area Nantou Taiwan

A few steps from our wooden hut, there is a small lake. 

The main attraction of Xitou Nature Recreation Area is the tall trees. Back in Japanese colonisation days, the forest in Xitou area was chosen as practical training place for Tokyo University students. The students did their research in summer vocation at Xitou forest. The forest was established as nature education area by Taiwanese government. 

Xitou Forest in Nantou Taiwan

If you love experiencing the nature, you will surely love your experience of wandering into Xitou forest in Nantou. 

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