Zhounan Salt Fields, Chiayi

Hello all! We have reached the little fisherman dock in Xincuozai the last time we were walking together, weren't we? We have come so near to our destination, Zhounan Salt Fields. 

The Fisherman Dock in Xincuozai Chiayi

A few steps down the road, we saw something white, something salty, oh yeah we are coming oh salty fields. Sometimes my journey makes me think that I am in some kind of game when my mission is to acquire Salt. For whatever purpose. If I am in Suikoden games, I probably need to acquire Salt to recruit somebody or to sell it off as a good commodity. Oh boy, I miss those times. Those games. Those no-day-spent-worrying-about-money days. #spoiltkid #doesnotlastlong

Okay back to reality, while the left side of the road shows a stretch of white salty fields, the right side shows a completely different scenery. A green grass field under the wonderful blue sky. 

Welcome to the salt fields! Okay since this was a cultural trip, let's dive a bit into the historical background of Zhounan Salt Fields in Chiayi. Zhounan Salt Fields was historically built by a Japanese tycoon, Nozaki Bukichiro in the year 1899. However, due to whatever reason, the salt fields were abandoned by the salt field workers in the year 2001. Chiayi Country Government has been working hard together with Cultural Association to restore the salt field industry and as a result of their hard work, the salt fields were re-opened in the year 2008 as part of cultural and tourism agenda. 

Okay, with all those background stated above, now I am kinda wondering how come there are nobody here harvesting salts? Uhm. Maybe we have come too late? No idea but it does feel kinda nice to have the whole fields to ourselves too. At least, no one will photobomb us in our pictures.

"True love can be like salt and pepper, a little sprinkle goes a long way." 

- D. Smith

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