3 Best Red Velvet Dishes in Singapore

Sometimes I wonder if I eat too many cakes but then...

...okay, Emma! 

Since we have been given encouragement from Emma Stone so I am gonna share the three best red velvet dishes which I have eaten so far in Singapore. If you are a fan of red velvet, you should give all of them a try at least once. Curious? Let's jump! 

1. Red Velvet Cupcake

Twelve Cupcakes Red Velvet Cupcake

Twelve Cupcakes is really making a storm when they are just opened in Singapore. It seems that everyone went crazy over cupcakes where it is common to see long snaking queue at each branch of Twelve Cupcakes. Each customer usually buys a dozen of cupcakes I start to wonder can someone really eat so many cupcakes? Hahaha. But then again, they may buy for a big family or big group of friends or colleagues, I should not jump to conclusion that fast. Having seen the popularity of Twelve Cupcakes, one have to wonder how good is these cupcakes. The red velvet cupcake in particular is one of the most popular cupcake in Twelve Cupcakes. My colleague gave me one on his last day in office and oh boy, it really tastes good (and I seldom give praise for cupcake). Twelve Cupcakes are located in various major shopping centres like Vivo City, 313 Somerset and Bugis Junction so you will be able to spot them easily during your shopping trip in Singapore.

2. Red Velvet Cake

Dean & Deluca Red Velvet Cake

Dean & Deluca came to Singapore few years back and everyone went hoo-ha because the brand is well-known in the US. It sells a lot of brunch items and desserts on its menu. The red velvet cake, in particular, taste pretty good in my book because it has a hint of coconut taste which goes well with the cream cheese and red velvet sponge. Dean & Deluca is situated at Orchard Central and Far East Square (near Telok Ayer MRT Station). 

3. Red Velvet Waffle

I have to say that the most unique creation of red velvet-based dish that I have ever seen is the red velvet waffle offered by Stateland Cafe. This cafe is situated in Bali Lane, which is within few minutes of walking distance from Bugis MRT. It is not easy to get a table in Stateland because the cafe is not that big but if you manage to secure yourself a table, you must give their Red Velvet Waffle a try. It taste so yummy (and sinful too) but it's better to share this dish with a friend. 

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