4 Best Sunset Watching Spots in Bali, Indonesia

Having been to Bali a number of times, what I love the most about Bali is its sunsets. There is this melancholic feeling about sunset that I always feel whenever I look at it. I don't know how to explain but since it seems like the sun is waving goodbye for now for a better tomorrow. 

Having said that, so where are the best sunset watching spots in Bali? From my last trips to Bali, I have summarized four best sunset watching spots in Bali. Interested to know? Jump! 

1. Kuta Beach 

Kuta Beach is always popular with both the local and international tourists. It is located at the city centre area and there beach is opened for public. You don't have to stay the night at some private hotels to enjoy the lovely sunset view of Kuta Beach. The drawback, of course, the crowd level in Kuta Beach is kinda unbearable during high season. 

4 Best Sunset Watching Spots in Bali, Indonesia - Kuta Beach

2. Dreamland Beach

We actually did not really know about Dreamland beach until our driver cum guide offered us a ride there. Back then, not many people know about Dreamland beach as the area is not very well-commercialised yet. We spotted mainly the local tourists when we visited Dreamland beach. This is perfect for photography because there are less people who can photo-bomb your picture. 

4 Best Sunset Watching Spots in Bali, Indonesia - Dreamland

3. Seminyak 

If you want to enjoy sunset while sipping your mojito or margarita, you should make your way to Seminyak. There are a lot of restaurants which are located at the side of the sea like Ku De Ta and Potato Head. The sunset view of Seminyak may come at a higher cost because you have to order the food (and drinks) too but hey, there is no harm to enjoy life once in a while, right? You deserve it! 

4 Best Sunset Watching Spots in Bali, Indonesia - Seminyak Ku De Ta

4. Lovina Beach

Located on the northern side of Bali, I can say that Lovina Beach is the furthest among the other sunset watching spots in Bali. However, the sunset watching experience is even greater here because you can go further toward the middle of the sea by hiring the fisherman's boat. The whole experience is priceless, I must say. 

4 Best Sunset Watching Spots in Bali, Indonesia - Lovina Beach

Have you ever been to Bali? If yes, which place is your most favourite sunset watching spots? 

Wherever you are in Bali, the sunset will always be magical. 

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