5 Best Places to See the Ocean in Taiwan

"I am happy anywhere I can see the ocean."

5 Best Places to See the Ocean in Taiwan

If you need a dose of the sea and you are travelling to Taiwan, you will be in a treat. Taiwan has a lot of places to view the beautiful ocean. I am quite skeptical at first because well, whenever someone come back from Taiwan, the only thing that he or she is raving about is the night market food. Justified as it is, the beautiful coastal view of Taiwan should not be missed at all. So here are my top 5 best places to see the ocean in Taiwan. 

1. Qingshui Cliff

Qingshui Cliff Taroko Taiwan

Qingshui Cliff (清水斷崖) is the only ocean viewing location in Taroko National Park where you can see the beautiful hues of blue of the Pacific ocean. The color of the ocean is so beautiful and it seems to be a sin not to stop for a while at the viewing platform along Taroko Pass to enjoy the beautiful view of this Pacific coastline and the shore of Chongde Beach. 

2. Kenting 

Kenting Beach in Southern Taiwan

The beautiful Kenting Beach (墾丁) has become famous world wide because of the award-winning movie, Life of Pi. The paradise is located at the southern Taiwan and it took us two hours driving from Kaohsiung to reach Kenting. Whether you want to just lay on the beach, swim in the warm blue ocean, scuba dive or surf, Kenting offers the best spot to enjoy warm breeze and weather of southern Taiwan. 

3. Sanxiatai

Sanxiatai Coastline View in Taiwan

Sanxiatai is situated at the 111-kilometer mark on the coastal highway in Taitung. It consists of a headland facing a small island in the sea. Sanxiatai is the perfect spot to see the beautiful East coast of Taiwan.  You will occasionally see the sea creatures like crayfishes which are drifted across to the rocky shore of Sanxiatai.

4. Penghu Islands

Penghu Islands in Taiwan

Penghu Islands is located in the southwest of the Taiwan strait. It is also known as the pearl of the Taiwan Strait. The islands offer magnificent ocean views. Even though it's located on a different archipelago from the main island of Taiwan, it is relatively easy to reach Penghu. There are regular flights from Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Chiayi and Kaohsiung. You can also reach Penghu islands by boat, with service from Budai Harbor in Chiayi and the main port of Kaohsiung. Don't miss the firework show at night in Penghu!

5. Yehliu 

Yehliu Coastline View in Taiwan

Yehliu is one of the most popular attractions amongst local and international tourists. This makes the geological park is always filled with tourist buses. It offers a superb view of the northern cape of Taiwan with so many natural wonders and naturally-created rock sculptures. The famous Queen's Head is also located in Yehliu Geological Park. Do bring umbrellas if you are visiting Yehliu on a hot summer day!

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