A Cocktail and The Three Bites, Paulaner Brauhaus

Thanks God for beer.

Happy Sunday! What are you doing this Sunday? If you have no idea what to do this Sunday, why don't you pop by to the nearest pub and go grab yourself a beer? After all, Monday is coming in a few hours and you only have these last few hours to chill and take a break from those 9 to 5 (and most of the time more) job. My friend asked me to go grab a beer at Paulaner Brauhaus in Millenia Walk at City Hall so I gladly said yes. I decided to go for the fruit beer and chose the cherry beer. It kinda taste like cough syrup unfortunately so maybe the next time I go grab myself a beer I will stick to the normal ice cold beer. 

A Cocktail and The Three Bites, Paulaner Brauhaus

When you are drinking beer, it's best to accompany the beer with some side dishes. Paulaner Brauhaus offers a lot of side dishes for you to choose from. We decided to share three plates of side dishes. The first one is the German Bratwurst platter. The menu said there are three kinds of sausages here on the platter but from one glance you cannot really tell what are those. You just have to eat them all. XD

Sausage Platter at Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore

The next side dish is the chicken drumlets. I love this side dish the most because it's crunchy and it tastes very good when eaten with the homemade sauce. 

Crispy Chicken Drumlets at Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore

Last but not least, my friend ordered a small plate of cheesy mushroom. They only gave us four pieces of mushroom so this side dish is probably not for sharing in a big group. Well you can just order more if you want to I guess. Hahaha. It tastes not bad but I still prefer the crispy chicken drumlets.

Cheese Mushroom at Paulaner Brauhaus Singapore

Paulaner Brauhaus is located at the following address:

9 Raffles Boulevard 
#01-01 Millenia Walk

Opening hours: 

Lunch (Mon - Fri): 12pm - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.30pm - 10.30pm

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