A hidden cafe in Mountbatten, Cafe Melba

I would not know the existence of this cafe called Cafe Melba if my friend did not suggest to meet up there before she is flying off for three months study of Japanese language in Tokyo. It is located somewhere in Mountbatten area. However, the location is not exactly clear to us after we came out from the Mountbatten MRT station (which I nearly mistook for Marymount). We decided to flag a cab and took a 3 minutes drive (by which the driver laughed us off for taking a cab for such near distance) to Goodman Arts Centre. 

We thought we have arrived in some sort of school or learning centre because the building does not look like a cafe for sure. But when we saw the direction, we noted that Cafe Melba does exist here and we just needed to make our way to Block L. 

Turns out the cafe is located behind the arts centre and it seems that Cafe Melba is quite popular amongst the neighbourhood. After all those travelling, welcome to a hidden cafe in Mountbatten, Cafe Melba. It has both al fresco and indoor seats. There are many seats available when we reached Cafe Melba around 6pm. Good for us because none of us remember to make reservation before making our long way to Mountbatten. XD

Al fresco dining area of Cafe Melba Singapore

It seems just the other day we were having Chicken Parmigiana at Boomarang, we are now having it again here at Cafe Melba. The size is way smaller than the one served at Boomarang however flavor-wise, they are quite comparable. 

We ordered a pizza to share amongst the three of us. You can choose two kind of flavors for the pizza so we mix Chili Crab and Tandoori Chicken. The Chili Crab consists of crab meat, egg, spicy tomato sauce and mozzarella while the Tandoori Chicken consists of chicken, coriander, onion, mozzarella and mint yoghurt. Interesting flavor to try as both are very different. The pizza served at Cafe Melba is the thin crust pizza which is the kind of pizza that I love. 

Tandoori Chicken and Chili Crab Pizza at Cafe Melba Singapore

Cafe Melba serves its dessert in an old school jar of glass. This is the tiramisu in a jar which is loaded with cherries. Yum! 

Tiramisu in a jar at Cafe Melba Singapore

Turned out we had a lot of stuff to talk about that night from mundane office daily life to relationship. Whenever we talk about these two things, we somehow need a bottle of beer. Cafe Melba serves Japanese beer which I like so there goes our night. Drinking an ice old beer. 

Cafe Melba Japanese Kirin Ichiban Beer Singapore

How to go to Cafe Melba: 

The nearest MRT station to Cafe Melba is Mountbatten MRT station. Cafe Melba is located within Goodman Arts Centre and it is (apparently) located within walking distance from the MRT station. If you are lazy to walk and come in a group of people, you can flag out a cab and go to Goodman Arts Centre by cab since the cab fare will be pretty cheap when split amongst a group of people. We only paid a total of 4 SGD for the total journey. 

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