A Summer Trip to Kenting, Pingtung

After watching the dragon boat race at Love River in Kaohsiung, we spent the next day travelling to Kenting. If you have watched the movie titled "Life of Pi", you probably have heard of Kenting, which was used as one of the filming location for the movie. Kenting is a beautiful city in Southern Taiwan. To be exact, in Pingtung area. It is a popular holiday destination in summer for both the locals and tourists alike. So, we decided to do a summer trip to Kenting in Pingtung. Beach, here we come! 

A Summer Trip to Kenting, Pingtung

We took a cab from Kaohsiung Main Station to Kenting. The whole ride took us two hours and it costs us NTD1,500. You can opt for a shared cab because surely there are a lot of people with the same destination at Kaohsiung Main Station. The driver will charge each person around NTD350 for a shared cab. After checking into our accommodation, we roamed the city of Kenting. We saw a post office which looks somehow more retro-ish compared to its brothers and sisters in Taipei. Hahaha. 

Post office in Kenting city Taiwan

Baleno store in Kenting is so random. It has Doraemon statue riding a surfboard on its top. Not sure if Baleno Kenting has exclusively obtained a tie-in agreement with this popular anime character from Japan. Hahaha. 

Doraemon Baleno in Kenting Taiwan

After we had fun strolling around the city, we made our way back toward the beach. We saw a few random boats in line for something. We wonder if this is the equivalent of dragon boat race that we saw the day before in Kaohsiung. XD

After getting amused by the mini race, we were getting thirsty so we looked around for a drink stall. And that's when we saw a drink stall called Happy Panda. Well, we did feel quite happy when we see this stall. 

We did not drink at the bar because the seats are all taken by tourists from China. So we bring our fruit juices (mine's orange while my friend's is pear) to the beach. We slurped the drink happily under our umbrella while enjoying the ocean view of Kenting. 

So far so good here in Kenting. =)

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