A unique garden, a waterfall and a European castle in Taichung, Xinshe Castle

The last time I visited Xinshe Casle, we walked around the seabed of flowers in its surrounding garden. For your background information, Xinshe Castle is a large area which consists of a unique garden, a waterfall and a European castle in Taichung. Oh wait, there is also a swan lake and koi pond too. There is no historical back ground like which king and queen stay at Xinshe Castle before. This is because the castle is actually not built because of some historical reason. The developer just decided to build a European castle in Taiwan suburbs. Random, and well, why not? The garden in the surrounding area of Xinshe Castle is very big and hence, it is a nice place to walk around. 

A unique garden, a waterfall and a European castle in Taichung, Xinshe Castle

If you ask me what is the main appeal of the park, I suppose it is a nice place to walk around, take photos and just enjoy the scenery. Xinshe Castle is located pretty close to Lavender Cottage so you can probably go here after you are done visiting Lavender Cottage. 

Park nearby Xinshe Castle Taichung

To make the park looks more beautiful, there is even a waterfall here. Not your usual waterfall though as they are not natural waterfalls. I call this a multi-layered waterfall. You can walk on the wooden boardwalk to enjoy a closer view of the waterfall.

The waterfall at Xinshe Castle

Not a bad view for a man-made waterfall, right? It makes a great background for photo-taking too. 

Man-made layered waterfall at Xinshe Castle

If you are interested in taking a panoramic view of the waterfall, you can go higher up and take picture from then. There are a uncountable spots for photo-taking activity at Xinshe Castle since I guess the main activities to do here is walking around and taking pictures. =P

Panoramic View of waterfall in XInshe Castle Taichung

The entrance fee of NTD250 will includes an NTD100 food voucher. You can use them at the main restaurant at Xinshe Castle. I would think you should use it after all because Xinshe Castle is pretty remote and there are no other food options here apart from its own restaurant. The seating upstairs will allow you to enjoy the meal while looking at the beautiful view outside. 

Xinshe Castle Restaurant in Taichung

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