An Island Hopping Adventure on Krabi Island

I have visited Thailand for a few times and hence, I have never seen Krabi before. Since nowadays there are direct flights offered by budget airlines to Krabi from Singapore, we decided to go for a short break to Krabi one random weekend. We heard so much about the beautiful white sandy beach which seems to be the main trait of beaches in Krabi. Krabi has so many tiny islands, some of them are uninhabited. When you are in Krabi, it is highly recommended to book one day for an island hopping adventure. The view from the boat alone has already been fantastic. We really could not wait to reach the shore of one of the islands in Krabi.

An Island Hopping Adventure on Krabi Island

Touching down to paradise soon. Don't you feel like running toward the beach? Hahaha. #mustbepatient

Tiny island in Krabi Thailand

Welcome to paradise! There are around 200 islands around Krabi coastline and can you imagine that most of these islands look like this one? White sandy beach, blue sky, white clouds and the coastal rocks. With a touch of the sun, it really looks like a paradise on earth. 

White sandy beach in Krabi islands Thailand

A closer shot of the coastal view of this tiny island. 

Coastal Krabi Island in Thailand

There is an option to upgrade your island-hopping tour to snorkelling/ scuba-diving in the middle of the Andaman Sea. I am more of snorkelling person because I'm too scared to do a scuba diving. When the weather is nice, snorkelling is fun but it's not the case when the weather is not so good, which happened before in my last trip. =(

We walked up to the higher ground to catch the sunset view in Krabi island. It is pretty amazing. I really love sunset view of the beach. If you share the same interest, you may be interested in the sunset view of Senggigi Beach in Lombok and sunset view in Kuta Beach in Bali

Sunset view in Krabi Thailand

"Sunsets are so beautiful that they almost seem as if we were looking through the gates of heaven."
- John Lubbock

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