Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant at China Square Central, Viet Express

"Where should we eat?" is always the question every lunch time on a weekday. If you come out from your office after 12, chances are you will not be able to find a lot of places with available seats. This is even more challenging when you come with a big number of people. This happened to us at China Square Central, a popular eating place amongst people who are working in Raffles Place or Chinatown area. It was already 12.30 when we came out from office and as expected, most of the restaurants are packed. However, this Vietnamese restaurant who claims to serve authentic Vietnamese food, Viet Express, seems to have a lot of seats available. We decided to take out bet and eat here.

Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant at Far East Square, Viet Express

The waiter and waitresses at Viet Express are very enthusiastic when serving the customers. They cheerfully sit all of us into one table. Efficient service I see. Viet Express serves lunch set menu which consist of the following items:

Viet Express Lunch Set Menu Singapore

The main course are mainly the dry and soup version of pho (re: Vietnamese noodle). I prefer the dry pho and I love it when the pho is served with a lot of fried stuff. Haha I did not say I love it when it's healthy. My dry pho comes with fried spring roll and fried meatballs. One look at it and you know the only green thing about my food is the garnish. But it taste nice when eaten with Vietnamese chili sauce. 

Viet Express Dry Spring Roll and Meatball Pho Singapore

If you think it's too much, you can opt for the non-meatball version of the dry pho. The green leaf is still the garnish though. It just looks slightly emptier than the one which comes with meat balls. 

Viet Express Dry Spring Roll Pho Singapore

How to go to Viet Express?

Viet Express is located in the Far East Square. The nearest MRT station to Viet Express is Telok Ayer MRT. You can google its address in your google map for a direction at:

China Square Central - Nankin Row, 3 Pickering Street

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