Beautiful and Sweet Indonesian Dessert at Remboelan, Plaza Senayan

Whenever I come back home to Jakarta, my mother and I went for our usual mall-hopping adventure. Thanks to the power of currency, sometimes I able to snatch some good deals for clothes and my favourite Fit-Flop. After we were done shopping (or window shopping), we usually look for a place to relax for a while before going back home. Rather than spending our time at the usual Starbucks (which can be found anywhere), we decided to try out something new. We looked up and we realized that there is a restaurant called Remboelan up there and we never tried it before. Although, what lies between you and the restaurant is...a set of stairs. XD

Remboelan offers authentic Indonesian dishes. I had eaten before the window shopping adventure so we did not really have stomach capacity to eat those filling dishes. But, we obviously still have space for those happiness food that you call desserts. =P #doublestandard

Before the desserts come, we ordered a unique Indonesian drink called "Kedondong" juice. Kedondong is known as Ambarella in English and it has refreshing sourish flavour. I find Remboelan's Kedondong juice refreshing but my mother said it could be better because she tried yummier version at other place before. Tough to please my mother. LOL. 

Kedondong Juice at Remboelan in Plaza Senayan Jakarta

The next dish looks like a dollop of cheese and chocolate bits. Actually, there is something hidden beneath those yummy combination of cheese and chocolate. It is an Indonesian banana fritter. Yum! Banana fritter is best consumed with chocolate, cheese and chocolate sauce. #byediet

Cheese and chocolate banana fritter in Remboelan Plaza Senayan Jakarta

What I love the most about Indonesian dessert is this creation called "Es Campur" (re: Mixed Ice). The main ingredients inside "Es Campur" are usually coconut, avocados, jackfruit, pomegranate, jellies, atap seed, and grass jelly. The shaved ice will be poured into the glass first before the ingredients are added. The final touch to the dessert will be the condensed milk and syrup. It tastes so good I swear.

Beautiful and Sweet Indonesian Dessert at Remboelan, Plaza Senayan

If you happen to be in Plaza Senayan, do pay Remboelan a visit for an authentic Indonesian dining experience. The savory dishes have received a lot of good ravings from my friends too. So the next time I go home, I should probably give them a try. Hehe. 

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