Blue Point Beach, Bali

45 minutes from Kuta Beach lies another beautiful beach in Bali called Blue Point. In order to reach Blue Point Beach, you need to pass through the winding roads up and down but it is worth the ride. Blue Point Beach is located in the village of Pecatu, on the southern tip of Badung regency. We are coming closer to the beach. 

Blue Point Beach, Bali

There is no admission fee to enter Blue Point Beach. Only parking charge required. Blue Point Beach is originally known as Suluban Beach. However, since there is a well known hotel nearby called Blue Point Villas, the beach is also referred to as Blue Point Beach. Since it is located near Uluwatu, the beach is also a perfect sunset watching spot in Bali. However, we did not manage to see the sunset because we came in the morning before noon. 

Beautiful Blue Point Beach in Bali

The beach is originally named as "Suluban" which is the adoption of the word "mesulub". The Balinese word means "walking through a gap in the cliff". The name is given because of the unique way of reaching the beautiful Blue Point Beach. You have to pass through and go down a few steps, a narrow bridge and finally, a narrow passage in between coastal cliffs. But the view of the beautiful beach is really worth the journey. 

Coastal Cliffs at Blue Point Beach Bali

We are getting nearer to the beach. The coastal cliffs situated at Blue Point Beach are huge. There are some caves that you can explore right under the coastal cliffs. 

Coastal Rock Caves of Blue Point Beach Bali

If you have the time, you should enjoy a relaxing moment at Blue Point Cafe, which is situated on top of a cliff, or the observation deck. The view of the sea from the top is really pretty in blue. The waves in Blue Point Beach is also perfect for surfing and that makes Blue Point Beach a latest addition to the favourite surfing spot in Bali.

Blue Point Beach Sea in Bali Indonesia
"Just the smell of the summer can make me fall in love."

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