Boomarang Bistro & Bar, Boat Quay

If you are looking for a bar to watch sports game together with a group of friends, you can make your way to Boat Quay in Singapore. There is a stretch of bars broadcasting live sports on their telly from rugby to football to basketball in Boat Quay. If you simply want to have a nice meal without watching the sports, well, no worry, you can also come to Boat Quay because most bars here have 2 floors. The live sports are usually broadcasted on the level 1 while level 2 is opened for those diners who prefer quieter dining experience. Tonight, we are going to try Australian bistro and bar, Boomarang. 

Boomarang Bistro & Bar, Boat Quay

For a bistro & bar, Boomarang surprisingly opens pretty early in the morning and it provides breakfast items and coffee from 6AM to 11AM (7AM from Robertson Quay branch) on weekdays and from 7AM to 11AM on weekends. 

Boomarang Bistro & Bar Breakfast Item

There was not anything to watch on telly that day because we came on the New Year's Eve. I don't think anyone play match on that day anywhere in the world. Good for us, because we can have our nice quite evening. Not many people chose Boomarang as their dining option to celebrate New Year's Eve too. I wonder why. Not posh enough? But there are more diners downstairs though so at least they are still making a business that day.

Level 2 of Boomarang Bistro & Bar Boat Quay

Right, let's dive in to the dishes offered by Boomarang. Boomarang offers mostly Western food with occasional Australian dishes (like kangaroo meats). For a starter, we ordered wedges to share amongst the two of us. Taste pretty much normal. 

Potato Wedges at Boomarang Bistro & Bar Boat Quay

I have read a lot of raving reviews online about Boomarang's Chicken Parmigiano so we decided to order one. My first impression? It is damn huge. I don't think it is meant to be consumed by one person, really. The Chicken Parmigiano (SGD 25++) is cooked with Napolitana sauce, sliced leg ham and mozzarella and cheddar. It is served together with fries (which you can barely see because they are hidden by the chicken). I love Boomarang's chicken parmigiano. Pretty good and tasty. Although I kinda suspect that I like everything cooked with cheese. LOL.

Chicken Parmigiano at Boomarang Bistro & Bar Boat Quay

Boomarang claims the next dish to be their no. 1 selling pizza. It is called the Boomarang Deluxe. It comes in two sizes, small (SGD 22++) and large (SGD 28++). Boomarang Deluxe pizza comes with wagyu beef, pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage, bacon, Spanish onion, mushroom and bbq sauce. It tastes okay because I think an order of potato wedges, a pizza and a chicken parmigiana are too much for two ladies to finish. Hahaha. Next time, we must order reasonably I guess. 

Boomarang Deluxe Pizza at Boomarang Bistro & Deluxe Boat Quay

Boomarang Bistro & Bar has two locations in Singapore: 

1. Boat Quay 51 Circular Road 

2. 60 Robertson Quay

I personally think the outlet at Boat Quay is easier to reach because you can take train to Raffles Place MRT and walk for a bit from the MRT station. Meanwhile, if you want to go to Robertson Quay you must take bus. 

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