Breakfast for Dinner at Dean & Deluca, Orchard Central

Originating from New York, Dean & Deluca has managed to capture the hearts of people in Singapore. The famous cafe has gained so much raving both online and offline for a few days when it is just came into Singapore's shore. Now, Dean & Deluca has a few branches in Singapore. However, our favourite branch is still the one located in Orchard Central. 

Breakfast for Dinner at Dean & Deluca, Orchard Central

At one glance, it seems that Dean & Deluca kinda looks like a provision stores (albeit, not for your usual groceries). However, Dean & Deluca also sells food and beverages at its counter. The food ranging from salad, pastries, and sandwiches. Beverages include coffees, teas and juices. On top of that, Dean & Deluca also provides American breakfast all day. And just like that, we were having breakfast for dinner. My American breakfast-for-dinner menu that day consists of sausages, scrambled egg, mushroom, tomato served with rye bread. 

All day American Breakfast in Dean & Deluca Singapore

While my friend's American breakfast-turn-dinner seems to be a combincation of cheesy jalapeno hotdog and a bit of greens at the side. Both the American breakfast dishes taste average. 

Jalapeno Cheese Sausage at Dean & Deluca Orchard Central

Once we are done with our breakfast/ dinner, it is time to try out the cakes at Dean & Deluca. The cakes here do not come cheap at the average price of SGD 9 per slice. But since we have made our way here, we could not bear to leave without eating some cakes. Okay, make it two slices of cake please. The first cake that we tried is the Strawberry Shortcake. The amount of strawberry used in the cake is a lot and I love it because I am such a strawberry lover. 

Strawberry Shortcake at Dean & Deluca Orchard Central

Since I chose strawberry, my friend chose something to add to her cake instagram collection, the Rainbow cake. I don't really know how to appreciate a rainbow cake to be honest. While the cake is really awesome to post to Instagram, the taste itself...well...purely sugar and coloring? I just can't figure it out. But I think the rainbow cake served at Dean & Deluca is one of the better ones in Singapore. 

Rainbow Cake at Dean & Deluca Orchard Central

Size wise, I think pretty reasonable for SGD 9 nowadays? (why cakes are expensive in Singapore??)

Cakes at Dean & Deluca Singapore

You can find out more about Dean & Deluca Singapore at its facebook page here

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