Dim Sum Day at London Fat Duck, Scotts Square

Established by Akashi Group (who also set up Japanese restaurant, Akashi and Gyoza-ya), London Fat Duck is a dim sum restaurant located in Scotts Square. I categorize Scotts Square in the same group as Orchard Central because even though they are located in the crowded Orchard Road, the crowd level at these two malls is way lower than the one at ION. Good for me though, because I don't really like being at overcrowded places. For today, it's a dim sum day at London Fat Duck at Scotts Square.

Dim Sum Day at London Fat Duck, Scotts Square

My colleague told me that there is a proper way of eating dim sum so that you will not feel too full at the end of the eating journey. I haven't really tested her theory yet but since we are eating dim sum today so I figured to try out her theory at London Fat Duck. LOL. 

1. Start with the steamed dim sum

My colleague says it is recommended to start eating the steamed dim sum first before the fried stuff. Okay, so we started off with the steamed xiao long bao. Even though it's not bad, I still prefer those sold at Din Tai Fung. 

Xiao Long Bao at London Fat Duck Scotts Square

2. Proceed to the roasted dish

We are fried stuff eater so the only steamed dim sum that we order is xiao long bao. Uhm, I guess it's time to move on to the roasted item (although my friend starts to debate that there is not much difference between roasted and fried stuff). Anyway, other than the dim sum, London Fat Duck specialises itself in the roast duck. I have a mixed feeling about the duck. While the seasoning is nice, the duck meat is not easy to eat. Always my dilemma when eating duck. 

Signature London Roast Duck at London Fat Duck Scotts Square

3. Fried Dim Sum Fest

We immediately started our fried dim sum galore after the above two dishes. Our orders include the steamed cheong fun filled with fritters (a mixed dish). 

Steamed Cheong Fun with Fritters at London Fat Duck Scotts Square

And the fried shrimp dumpling, served with mayonnaise. Both dishes taste so so.

Fried shrimp dumplings at London Fat Duck Scotts Square

4. Close off with sweet stuff

We closed off our dim sum adventure with a portion of Golden Custard bun. Yum!

Golden custard bun at London Fat Duck Scotts Square

Overall, I find our dim sum experience at London Fat Duck to be average, at best. 

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