Donburi Ichiya, A Yummy Japanese Rice Bowl at Lippo Mall Puri

Everytime I go home, there is another shopping mall in Jakarta. I guess the city is turning into one huge capital of consumerism. But that cannot be helped, anything to help the country's economy should be deemed good, no? Okay, back to the shopping mall. The newest addition of what I can consider my neighborhood mall will be Lippo Mall Puri. My mum refused to bring me there though because she claimed that not many shops opened yet. However, my brother often hanged out there and he finally agreed to bring me there for once upon a lunch time. Time for some sibling love over a a Japanese rice bowl at Donburi Ichiya. 

Donburi Ichiya, A Yummy Japanese Rice Bowl at Lippo Mal Puri

Inspired by a Japanese eatery, Donburi Ichiya offers all kind of rice bowl. The basic ones will be yakiniku beef bowl, chicken karage bowl, salmon aburi rice bowl and yakitori rice bowl. Customers can add sauce and topping to be added to their rice bowl. 

Donbura Ichiya Rice Bowl Menu

In addition to the sauce and toppings offered, there is also a tempura bar just right before the cashier. If you like what you see, simply pick them off and put them on a plate before you are making a payment at the cashier.

Tempura Bar at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri

Donburi Ichiya is decorated with a lot of Japanese posters. I suppose the idea is to make you feel like you are dining in one of the eateries in Japan. 

Donburi Ichiya Restaurant at Lippo Mall Puri

Right, finally it is our time to eat! The salmon aburi rice bowl is pretty interesting because the chef will put a slab of butter and torch it and the salmon together in front of you. It is also served with an onsen tamago on it. 

Salmon Aburi Rice Bowl at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri

While, my chicken karage rice bowl looks pretty normal. A fried chicken served on top of a rice bowl with a tiny bit of green. 

Chicken Karage Rice Bowl at Donburi Ichiya Lippo Mall Puri

As the price can be considered friendly (between 30,000 Rupiah to 50,000 Rupiah), Donburi Ichiya is quite popular amongst students. I suppose that's why my mother does not really want to come to Lippo Mall Puri in the first place. The mall is more suitable for students to hang out together after school. XD

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