Eating healthy in Raffles Place at Healthy Soba Iki

After joining my new workplace for two months, I have officially gained weight. This does not sound very good indeed but our office is filled with chocolates and cookies and chips. Well I suppose the occasional sugary drinks like bubble tea does not help but working a 9 to 5 job is so blah despite the necessity to pay the bills. So, we do need all those small comforting things like food, right?

Okay, enough about my self-denial. If you are in the same boat with me, why don't we start checking out those eating places which claim to sell healthy food. For today's menu, let's try Healthy Soba Iki at One Raffles Place. We reached the restaurant at 12.00 and thankfully there are still a lot of seats available. 30 minutes later, you are not gonna get any seat here or anywhere else in Raffles Place (unless the place sells yucky or overpriced food).

Eating healthy in Raffles Place at Healthy Soba Iki

I was quite confused when I see this menu on the table. Does eating healthy means eating toppings only nowadays? Later on we realised that the real menu is put up near the cashier. 

Healthy Soba Iki Toppings Menu

Healthy Soba Iki sells two type of main food i.e. rice dishes and soba dishes. The rice dishes are not available in some days though. I do not really know which days they are referring to so it is really based on luck, at least for me. Thankfully that day, the rice dishes are available. I am more a rice-eater than a noodle-eater. The smoked duck and avocado rice don surprisingly tastes so yummy. This is my first time eating smoked duck together with rice and avocado. Nice surprise. 

Smoked Duck and Avocado Don at Healthy Soba Iki One Raffles Place

My friend tried one of the soba dishes, the Daikon Oroshi Soba. It is basically a bowl of cold soba with a bit of soya sauce served with a dollop of radish (with a hint of citrus), spring onion, and few slices of fried egg. I do not really like this because overall, it gives a sour taste. I suppose rice gets along with me better. Hahaha. 

Daikon Oroshi Soba at Healthy Soba Iki One Raffles Place

But then again, rice is not exactly healthy, right? Oh well. As long as we eat in moderation, I guess we will be fine. =P

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