Elephant Hill Scenic Area, Guilin

Guilin is a city in China which has a lot of natural landmarks. One of the natural landmarks is the Elephant Trunk Hill which is located at the Elephant Hill Scenic Area. As part of our tour in China, we visited the Elephant Hill Scenic Area in the morning. You need to pay RMB 75 (equivalent to USD 12) for the admission fee.

Elephant Hill Scenic Area, Guilin

After we passed through the ticketing gate, we saw the history of elephant, at least from the Chinese perspective. This wall shows the evolution of elephant until it becomes the elephant that we now know. 

Evolution of elephants in Elephant Hill Scenic Area Guilin

There are also a number of snapshot taken at the Elephant Hill Trunk at different timing. You can refer to the wall to see which areas are perfect for photography. 

Photography areas in Elephant Hill Scenic Area in Guilin

After walking for a few minutes, we reached the Elephant Trunk Hill, which is also the symbol of the city of Guilin. It got its name because it looks like an elephant drinking water. The round opening under the elephant's trunk is known as Water-Moon Cave. Heard at night, the reflection of the moon can be seen through the arch and it looks as if it is under the water and floating on the surface of the water at the same time. That sounds pretty amazing but too bad we only had time in the morning to visit the Elephant Hill Trunk. 

Other than the Elephant Hill Trunk, there are not many things to see here actually. That's why the owner of the place has decorated the surrounding area with decorations like elephant sculptures made from grass. This looks kinda cute actually.

And some random cartoon characters which I don't know who. Oh and there are mini elephant sculptures too. There is also a stairway leading to a pagoda. But if you are not interested in climbing uphill, I guess you only need 30 minutes max here. 

How to go to Elephant Hill Scenic Area in Guilin:

The easiest way is to take taxi and ask the driver to bring you to 象鼻山 (Xiàng bí shān). If you are adventurous enough or prefer to take cheaper method of transportation, you can take bus no. 2, 16 or 23 to Elephant Hill Scenic Area. You can get off at Xiangshan Park and make your way to Elephant Hill Scenic Area. 

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