Experience the Ocean in Sanxiatai, Taitung

During one of our road trip in Taiwan, my friend decided to drive around Taitung. We seldom visit Taitung because usually most of us cannot drive but since finally there is someone who can and willing to drive, we seized the opportunity to experience the Pacific ocean in Sanxiatai, one of the popular destination in Taitung. 

Experience the Ocean in Sanxiatai, Taitung

Sanxiatai used to be a narrow and elongated cape into the ocean. Sanxiatai offers a beautiful rocky coastal view. Hence, as you can see, the area is full of odd shaped rocks. There is a walking trail that goes around the island. If you are interested to walk around the island, the total journey will take about two hours with leisure pace. 

Pacific Ocean View at Sanxiatai in Taitung

When we decided to come closer to the rocks, we were quite amused by what we could find laying on the rocks at the shore. For instance there is a crayfish. 

Crayfish in Sanxiatai Coast Taitung

And there is this cute white mollusk which I don't know the name. Being born in big city, this kind of sight is totally rare (if not never) for me. 

Sea Creatures in Sanxiatai Coast Taitung

Sanxiatai is also classified as nature reservation in Taiwan and hence, there is minimal human disturbance done at Sanxiatai. 

The rocky coastal of Sanxiatai in Taitung Taiwan

It is recommended to visit Sanxiatai in the morning when the weather is good to take a beautiful photo of Sanxiatai. The breeze is also nice to enjoy while walking around the island. You can take bus from the main bus station near Taitung Station but the bus timing is kinda irregular. It is possible that you will be stuck at one destination for two hours to wait for the next bus while you only need 10 minutes to view that destination. Alternative to self-drive, you can also hire a cab for one day so that the driver will bring you around according to your own itinerary. 

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