Fancy Desserts at Sumoboo, Mal Taman Anggrek

If you happen to be in Jakarta and wondering what kind of food you can show off to your friends who are not staying in Jakarta, you can come to Sumoboo. Sumoboo is serving dessert items which are worthy to be uploaded into instagram. In other words, fancy desserts. Sumoboo has a lot of franchises in Jakarta so you just need to make your way to one of the major shopping malls in Jakarta and chances are, Sumoboo is there. I visited Sumoboo at Mal Taman Anggrek though, one of the big shopping malls in West Jakarta.

Fancy Desserts at Sumoboo, Mal Taman Anggrek

Sumoboo sells a variety of desserts from shaved ice to bubble teas to ice cream with various toppings. I am quite sure there is one dessert for everyone. 

Sumoboo Extensive Dessert Menu at Mal Taman Anggrek

We ordered one of the most popular dessert item in Sumoboo, Sumoboo Dessert 5. Based on the menu, Sumoboo Dessert 5 has Bomb Ball (the glutinous ball) + Big Boba (the tapioca bubbles) + Mochi + Green Tea Ice Cream + Red Bean + Pudding + Taro. Whoa, that's a mouthful. Well it seems that the taro has been replaced by sweet potato but okay, they seem to be close enough in term of texture I guess. 

Sumoboo Dessert 5

I have been asking my friend to bring me to Sumoboo solely for this Nutella Bomb alone. She has been raving about a glutinous ball filled with my most favourite food in the world, nutella. The whole thing looks like a volcano of milo actually. Better share the calories with friends. Hahaha. 

Sumoboo Nutella Bomb

If you are a dessert lover, Sumoboo is definitely a cafe to try out in Jakarta. You may want to try its shaved ice (Kakiguri) too because it is shaped like an animal (with a lot of syrup). Sumoboo has a number of locations but as far as I know, I am certain it has branches at Central Park and Mal Puri Indah in West Jakarta. 

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